The #1 Prescription For Emotional Intelligence

Developed at Stanford University, Play-Rx is an experiential play-based learning platform of 50+ habit forming games to strengthen culture and foster innovation by developing empathy.

Our mission is to pioneer a movement around collaborative Play-based learning that cultivates the empathy needed for a more connected and embodied humanity.

The Single Most Important Trade

Every organization needs the right tools to identify & foster Emotional Intelligence to better hire, develop and retain their most prized assets. People.

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Play-Rx Is A Novel Approach To:


Inspire co-creativity & unity across disparate teams

Boost innovation with a greater capacity for divergent thinking


Strengthen a commitment to vision with a shared passion

Deepen empathy and create emotionally attuned workers

  100% experience a shift in mindset to think divergently and communicate effectively


What our customers are saying...

“I urge any employers looking to bring innovation, creativity, and confidence out of participants to definitely consider Play-Rx.”

— JD Schramm, Endowed Chair, Class of 1978 Lecturer in Organizational Behavior , STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.

“The most impactful training I’ve ever been a part of.”

— Patrick Davis, Director, PwC

“Blown away. The gains continue to be felt in our work and relationships.”

— Lexi Janukajtis, VP, Community Products, Wework